For Our Future

We try to produce and market our products as sustainably as possible. This starts in the field, where we use irrigation equipment that is gentle on our resources. We use the shortest-possible transport routes and minimise our use of pesticides. 75% of the energy needed by our warehouse and packing facility comes from our own solar panels. Our packaging also focuses on sustainability. Our PET punnets, for example, are made of 100% recycled material, and wherever possible and desired we use paper and cardboard punnets.


Our Energy

The entire roof space of our office building as well as our depot is fitted with solar panels that have an output of 1.2 megawatts. As a result, we produce almost 75% of our electricity needs where we are.


Our Flower Meadows

Our flower meadows don’t just give insects, our most powerful allies in fruit farming, a safe habitat. They also provide excellent shelter for small animals such as partridges. In addition to that they are just lovely to look at!


Our Packaging

We are always searching for more environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic punnets. We’re currently testing sealable cardboard punnets for example. We’re also currently investigating cardboard punnets made from industrial recycled materials. We are already supplying the majority of our strawberries to food retailers in punnets made of corrugated cardboard and groundwood.


Water Management

We control the irrigation of our plants via a computer, which measures wind, light and temperatures and can therefore determine exactly how much water and how many nutrients are needed for optimal growth. The dose is put together automatically and fed to the plants directly via a hose. This technology means we can be sparing with our most important asset – water.


Our Lorry Fleet

Our entire lorry fleet of more than 30 vehicles is equipped with the latest technology and all the current driver assist systems. The vehicles are replaced every 3.5 years at the latest so that our entire lorry fleet has met the Euro 6 diesel standard since 2019.


Our Sealing Machine

We acquired the first sealing machines for our berries in 2017. That made us a pioneer of sealed punnets in this area. When sealing, the conventional lid is replaced by a foil, which saves packaging material. Our group now owns twelve sealing machines, which allows us to seal the majority of our raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries and red currants.


Waste Disposal

All waste on our premises is sorted and disposed of by type as best as possible. Paper and cardboard are cycled back into corrugated cardboard production and PET punnets are also returned into the PET lifecycle. Our organic waste goes to a biogas plant.


Reducing Trips

In order to avoid burdening the environment unnecessarily with emissions, we set up our boxes with our own machines at our facility. That means our producers can take the built boxes with them when they bring their goods. That avoids them having to do empty runs.