Comprehensive Services in the Fruit & Vegetable Trade

We make sure we use the correct packaging and marketing for your products. We are happy to develop individual packaging solutions with you or we can take over your layouts. We organise the necessary packaging materials, from the label to printed punnets and foils, and make them available to our packing station. That way your goods reach the shops with a tailored look and compliant with the necessary standards.


Our depot – frictionless service for all our partners

In order to assure and optimize best control of our quality products, we have created our sister company Frutadis, with whom we organize and manage mainly ourselves handling and packing of our goods.

We load and unload in our own depot.

Permanent monitoring of our mostly temperature-sensitive goods guarantees the high quality of the products. On demand, we professionally store fresh fruit and vegetables: So we can guarantee temperature imposed handling conditions and best possible quality management.

Frutadis GmbH is IFS certified.

Delivery address
Frutadis GmbH
Innovationspark Rheinland
Heinrich-Lanz-Str. 3
D-53501 Grafschaft-Ringen

We are happy to provide all of the Frutania GmbH services to your business. Please get in touch at:


Our Packing Station - FruPaRi GmbH

We control and pack your fruits and vegetables according to your individual requirements. With our competent staff and perfect equipment we are able to react in short terms to modified requirements. We additionally offer you a certified quality management.

FruPaRi GmbH


Frutania Logistik GmbH

To make sure that our products reach you perfectly, Frutania has not only her own fleet but cooperates as well with fixed forwarding companies. With a powerful network of vehicles we reach any place in Europe.

According to their specific requirements, all products are transported under best temperature and hygiene conditions. So, the forwarding companies as well as Frutania Logistik GmbH are certified IFS.

The fleet
Our young, modern fleet is always on top of the latest technical standards and meets environmental requirements . All semi-trailers and trucks are equipped with GPS so that we can always locate your goods. Our cooling equipment is certified for transportation of goods down to -30°C. Cooling data are recorded. So we can guarantee that the refrigeration chain is never broken. A qualified staff and highest standards of security guarantee that our collaborators and your goods always safely reach their destination.

If necessary, we can rely on a network of perfect cooperation partners.

We look forward to rolling for you, too!

Frutania Logistics