The Frutania Producers and Suppliers

We choose our production and supply partners according to various quality and quantity criteria. In addition to location, capacities, certifications and technical standard there are other preconditions to meet by our business partners. So we can guarantee a high quality-level of our products all through a season. Important preconditions our partners have to meet are controlled cultivation, a consistent product quality, the traceability of the origin of the products as well as the openness of the partner to innovative future solutions of problems of the fruit and vegetable branch. We expect from our producers and suppliers reliable international quality assurance systems in production, packing and transport.



Frutania also produces in other European countries

Frutania does mainly business in Europe. Whether in Spain, Benelux or Poland, Frutania relies in all countries on certified, long-time partners, with approved cooperation capable of producing and harvesting fruit & vegetables according to the demands and necessities of the customers. Frutania has always been their first contact concerning production, control, and supply. From cultivation to harvest, as well as quality management, packing, and transport. We care!



Our Producers in Morocco

When we freeze in winter the sun shines in Morocco. To be able to trade best tomatoes, courgettes, cucumber, beans and strawberries, Frutania has a partnership with the best producer of Morocco: AZURA Our partner Azura uses the most modern European cultivation methods to guarantee best qualities and full traceability. Together with AZURA, we bring the sun to Europe for your taste and of course for your turnover.



Our Producers worldwide

When produce is not in season in Germany, we buy it in from around the world so that we can deliver high-quality fruit and veg to stores out of season. When it comes to selecting our non-European partner businesses we pay just as much meticulous attention to certifications, quality, traceability and social standards as we do for our European producers. We also pass on the requirements of our customers to our producers. We do our best to transport as many goods as possible via shipping.