You love fresh fruit and vegetables?

... then we should get to know each other.

We, the Frutania GmbH, define ourselves as a professional link between the producers of fruit and vegetables and the food retail trade. We trade high-quality products. Together with our producers - chosen according to strict criteria and permanently controlled - and partner companies we guarantee products of high and constant quality. Frutania is a partner of the producers and accompanies the products from cultivation planning to marketing.


Our Mission

Frutania supplies one of the most valuable and delicious foods nature has to offer: fresh fruit and veg, a feast for both the eyes and the mouth. Working with our employees, producers and commercial partners, we produce our crops using the latest technologies and growing methods and taking real pleasure in innovation for the best product quality with pedigree and passion. Day after day Frutania delights producers, food retailers, shoppers and consumers with flavours and competence, from the root to the shelf. For a world that tastes good to everyone.


Frutania brands stand for Quality

Frutania trades with several brands of her own, with one common denominator: Quality.

Additionally, we develop wholly individual brands tailored to your company. We take into account the requirements of your target group, concerning qualities and quantities of the product to be marketed and the image of your company. Frutania trades with private labels and develops them according to customer requirements.


What we offer you

• Conceptional sale of goods according to agreements with trade partners
• Transfer and control of trade conditions for producers
• Guarantee of production and sales transparency
• Guarantee of steady flow of goods both in quantity and quality
• Flexible procurement of goods, nationally and regionally
• Pooling of goods of higher volume
• Packing according to commercial requirements
• Distribution all over Europe


Our Customers – Achieving More Together

Frutania trades europewide both the organized food retailers (LEH) and specialized wholesalers. For our customers we are concept suppliers for our main products. For major retail customers we plan, organize and follow e.g. the total care sequences of strawberries and berries of a total season.

To satisfy our demand for best quality and product security, we rely both on trusting, fair and respectful cooperation with our customers and on comprehensive quality management.

Be it with our customers, producers or suppliers, we constantly strive towards transparent activities and consider clear communication as a guarantee for long lasting, reliable business relations. Our sustainability concept is based on respect towards Man and Nature. In our rapid, constantly innovating world, our young and modern company sticks to valued principles without losing sight of future developments.


Our Producers – A Relationship Built on Trust

We carefully choose our production and supply partners according to different quality characteristics. Certification according to international standards of production, packing and transport are prerequisites for any cooperation with producers and suppliers.

Additionally, all goods traded by us have to undergo strict controls. Thus, we achieve at any season of the year a high level of product quality and security.

Further important conditions for choosing our partner company are controlled cultivation, a steady high product quality and the traceability of origin of all products traded by us. Our modern partner companies that strive for farsighted sustainable solutions for the fruit and vegetable branch are highly valued for a successful cooperation.

By means of regular supplier audits and producer seminars we keep permanent contact with our partners. All these elements are crucial building blocks for our efficient production and marketing system.


Quality Starts in the Field

The production and supply of fresh, secure and high quality products to our clients is our top priority.

Frutania controls her products from cultivation and harvest to delivery to the customer. We cooperate directly and continually with our own producers and carefully chosen partner suppliers.

For our production, we define the varieties, qualities and plant treatment products to meet the consumer’s high standard requirements for product quality and security.


We Ship Quality

Frutania’s QM-system meets the requirements of the International Featured Standard (IFS C&C, IFS Logistics, IFS Broker) and Quality & Security (QS).

Our producers are certified QS-GAP across Germany. Our minimum standard for foreign producers is GlobalGAP.

We are continually working on the varieties we sell, minimising pesticide use, sustainable growing methods and social standards in our production. In all of these areas we work closely with the relevant governmental departments, certifying bodies and private businesses.