A long-standing cooperation between Frutania and numerous producing companies has brought about a tight network of producers- across Germany- capable of supplying the commerce rapidly with fresh berry fruit from regional production.

Together with partner companies from all over Germany, Frutania is also capable of equalizing the different natural growing seasons of German regions and supplying the commerce with a continuous and high quality of berries.

Various cultivation methods of our European producers enable us to supply strawberries big on flavor from the beginning of April till end of November.

Whether in traditional cultivation form, from the greenhouse, from the tunnel, premature through foils or late through straw or waiting bed - all these particular methods of cultivation produce different sorts of time-differed strawberries.

There are Frutania strawberries of German production from: April to December.

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Exclusive raspberry varieties by Frutania

Since 2016 Frutania has the exclusive production and marketing rights for the raspberry varieties "SAPPHIRE" and "DIAMOND JUBILEE" in Germany. The varieties distinguish themselves by their excellent taste, their shelf-life and their size and are produced exclusively in long-can productions.

Raspberries by Frutania produced in Germany are available from:
May - October

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Deliciously blue!

More and more customers enjoy Frutania blueberries!

There are Frutania blueberries of German production from:
June to October

Our offer of blueberry varieties comprises:
Aurora | Bluecrop | Duke | Elliot | Liberty | Ozark Blue

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Originally, blackberries came from North-America and the woods of Eurasia. In ancient times they were considered as a medicinal plant, which is not so wrong because it is rich of vitamins (A, B, C, E), minerals and dietary fiber.

Blackberries from German culture have their season from:
Juni - Oktober

Our offer of blackberry varieties comprises:
Navaho | Loch Ness | Loch Tay | Midnight

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Currants ripen around St. John’s day (24th of June). That is why this fruit is called in German “Johnberries”. They strongly contain vitamin C (three times more than lemon). Currants also supply us with minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium, in short they are just healthy and refreshing in summer time.

There are Frutania currants of German production from:
June - December

Our offer of currant varieties comprises:
J. v. Tets | Rolan | Rotet | Rovada | Haronia

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Gooseberries, originally from Eurasian and Mediterranean regions, now complete our berry program.

There are Frutania gooseberries of German production from:
May to October

Our offer of gooseberry varieties comprises:
Achilles | Pax | Rote Orleans | Rote Triumph | Xenia

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